About Us

LinahSol Renewable Energy

Who we are:

LinahSol Renewable Energy is a company working in the fields of central heating systems, solar energy, and projects of solar energy in particular. Its founder, the investor Badr Eldien El-Mobayed, our activity was in Syria from 2001-2011 and the specialty was control systems, Interior Design, central heating, Energy, heating systems & solar energy, and it continued in Egypt on behalf of Linah Renewable Energy 2013-2018 in partnership with the engineer Mr. Ismail Khidr, (may God have mercy on him). After his death, we were re-established on the basis of LLC in the name of LinahSol Renewable Energy in 2019 in the Arab Republic of Egypt. We are agents of the most important factories of solar heating systems

We own the LinahSol brand

Linah Sol Renewable Energy is the correct entry point for your choice of an efficient and integrated ecosystem.


 Our vision:

Our vision is to develop the local market, educate the community in the fields of solar energy, and organize the stages of energy use in an optimal manner (energy management, energy efficiency rising, and renewable energy). And help find solutions to obstacles facing the spread of renewable energy, through field data and visits the team has already undertaken and is doing more, and put effective solutions on the basis of scientific and experience more than twenty years in this field.


Our mission:

Providing the best solutions with the lowest costs, best quality, and the latest technology available in the world, studying them, setting up renewable energy projects, central heating projects, central heating in all its fields, heating swimming pools, providing feasibility studies and verifying the effectiveness of the project before its establishment, and ensuring control, protection and operation systems, and following up the projects after their development In operating and investing the energy produced without saving any effort to be always at the forefront.


The goals of the company:

- Developing the local market, spreading awareness, and correcting misconceptions related to energy management and investment at the enterprise level.

- Expanding the horizon for clients, explaining the various different systems and directing to the "optimal" system for use in its facilities.

- Completion of energy projects in general and solar energy projects in particular to be truly sustainable energy, to achieve the desired savings at the lowest costs

- Building frank and solid business relationships with the local and regional business community, with the aim of creating and stimulating cooperation and investment opportunities.

- Supporting our customers by providing superior products and services of exceptional quality that cover all their needs and achieve their desired purposes.

- Reaching local production in a good rate, and we strive to be the best product in the region.

Our primary goal is success

Company activities: -


-          Renewable energy system.

-         Central heating and central heating systems.

-         Solar drying systems.

-         Swimming pool heating systems, for hotels and private villas.

-         solar thermal power stations for multiple uses (home, industrial, hospitals and hotels)

-         Establishing solar energy stations to generate electricity.

-         Increasing energy efficiency in the installations of projects.

-         Checking the actual performance of the projects

-         Metal galvanizing works

-         Planning and setting up studies and consultations for solar energy projects.

-         Testing and installation of solar energy systems for third parties (ESCO)

Linah Sole Renewable Energy, accumulated integrated experiences, with the client in the right way.

And with AllaH is the success