Low Pressure Collector HFM

Low Pressure Collector HFM

Solar collector:

Model: HFM


§  The central solar water heating system is designed on the basis of heating a large amount of water that can hold tens and hundreds of people.

§  HFM LinahSol solar thermal collectors, more than one combined complex can be linked to achieve the required power.

§  Central solar heating project. It is widely used in hotels, swimming pool, school etc.

§  Investing only once and benefit forever.

§  No damage, no pollution, savings and clean.



§  The internal water tank: stainless steel.

§  The outer shell: heat treated steel.

§  Thermally insulated with Polyurethane with a thickness of 5 cm.

§  Dimensions of glass tube 58mm × 1.800mm.

§  Heat preservation: 72 hours

§  The holes 25 mm.

§  Shelf life is 15 years.

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