Solar Dryer LinahSol
Heating and drying project for agricultural products through solar heating systems
Amazing results at very reasonable cost and great performance.
Study, design and implementation of Lina Renewable Energy Company.
This system is a collection of sensors that collect heat from the sun.

The resulting heat is transferred by means of a liquid heat carrier to the transformers that expel the heat from the system and convert it to hot air with the same principle of hot air conditioning.

The place in this project has been heated to 45 ° C, and can be increased

The resulting temperature can be controlled so that it can be suitable for home use, production rooms, warehouse or poultry raising.

The control on this system works with special control systems that work on the principle of temperature differences so that any heat produced can be used even if the weather is cloudy as it was in this project.

Of course, the project has many technical details that have been studied

Prerequisite solutions have been developed for all expected problems on the system.

God grants success