Monthly Savings

? Why solar energy systems from LinahSol
1- relatively simple distracting space paid high yields of up to 94%.
2- does not need any intermediary Assistant (electricity or fossil fuels) within the logical use.
3- Safe and independent of means from the dangers of the other alternatives (Gas- leak electrical fault), especially in the houses and villas.
4- The new technology up to the age of 20 Default at least a year.
5- does not require regular maintenance costs and you can do it yourself.
6- ease of maintenance in case of breakage or damage.
7- the possibility of being transferred from one location to another in the event of changing residence or place of use.
8- Ease of installation due to easy and convenient design for the new system.
9- meets all the needs of domestic and industrial, commercial and service use.
10- could be used for large projects and to secure large quantities of up to 150 cubic meters per day.
11- different capacities for household appliances starting from 100 liters up to 400 liters.
12- the possibility of easy and convenient use of the systems of swimming pools.
13- The economic feasibility:
-Vacuum tubes solar water heater does not exceed three (3) years, the highest estimate.
-Flat plate solar water heater does not exceed three (4) years, the highest estimate.
-Vacuum tubes solar energy systems do not exceed three (3) years, the highest estimate.
Other features and details of all of the simplest that it should guide our societies, for the installation of this kind of applications ..
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