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    LinahSol Renewable Energy

     LinahSol Renewable Energy Company

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    linahsol Vacuum tubes system
    ....is solar water heater for huge projects as hotels, hospitals, swimming pools , factories
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    Linahsol Solar Water Heater

    created with high tech engineering and respect for the environment

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    Eurostar:  an innovation among solar water heaters, created with high tech engineering and respect for the environment. The concept of EUROSTAR’s design has always been

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    Equipment Solar Heaters

    Equipment Solar heaters fit different heights of all buildings, operating pressures up to 10 bar

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Why are we

Linah Renewable Energy

Why Linah?
1-The Credibility And Skillfully Execution.
2-Supply,Installation And Operation ,Just One Day .
3-Our Certified Certificates .
4-Our Special Service After Sale And During The Warranty.


Swimming Pool Heating Using Solar Energy

It is nice to have a warm and healthy swimming pool in winter and summer and throughout the year to enjoy more comfort and luxury.

Heating by traditional methods costs a lot of money, so you should make sure to set up a solar system for the swimming pool from #LinahSol because this will save for you more than 85% of annual heating costs.

Recommendation for Solar Water Heater

Important information and facts about solar water heater:

Solar heater for savings, more luxury

Many believe that the solar heater completely obviates other heating sources

This is true to a large extent. When a solar heating system is installed in proportion to the "actual" daily consumption, the savings rate is more than 85%.

magnesium or aluminum anode, or install of anti-rust and corrosion systems. 

Best of SWH

With the approach of summer, the following notes should be noted:

Solar heaters convert thermal energy and radiation from the sun into direct heat, and therefore the system is in working condition as long as it is exposed to the sun.

In the event that it works on the sun and there is no consumption, this leads to the failure to benefit from the resulting energy and its accumulation (if you will) and thus turns into high pressures and boiling

In the case of traveling for tourism, for example, or partly not needing the solar heater (some production lines, for example, or chalets) or a relatively low rate of consumption,.

Linah Renewable Energy The systems often applied in the global market are three types



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